Pant pana

$70.00 USD

Whether it is to travel by plane, go to a yoga class, or be comfortable in any activity, the pants with a wide silhouette and a rubberized waistband have large side pockets perfect for storing objects. They are essential items in your closet, like a leather jacket or a white T-shirt. You can combine it with a blazer, knitwear, or your favorite t-shirt, and the look will always look like something out of a magazine. If you want to make a complete set, you can dress it in the baggy sleeves jacket.

86% Viscosa, 2% Poliéster, 12% Elastano.

Type: Pant
Color - Black
Size Chart
Washing Instructions

Freedom of movement

Contoured rubber for added support that allows you to move freely.


A garment you can use to practice exercise and go out. NO TRANSPARENCIES.

Zero Stains

Wicking technology takes care of your sweat so you can focus solely on performing at your best.

Fitted Cut

Design that fits the body, minimizing distractions.